FreeRPG Project

No update on my Vertical Hive unfortunately but i have been distracted/working on something else, it is called FreeRPG and it is an idea to create a totally open-source and free RPG from assets to game engine, FreeRPG uses the Torque3D MIT engine. The project has only just started and it is literally just stock Torque3D at the moment with some open-source assets available but the plan is to create a base RPG which users can then either “mod” or use to create their own FreeRPG. For more info check out the links below:

FreeRPG Project Website

FreeRPG Project Trello

FreeRPG Release Repo

FreeRPG-Torque3D Repo

Please note that FreeRPG is still in the very early stages of development, DO NOT expect much, nothing is finished (or started in most cases) and if you would like to help contribute to the FreeRPG Project then please use the Contact Form available at the bottom of the homepage. If you prefer to get your hands dirty then fork the project and create your own branch for your development work, then make a pull request when ready.



Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – More Work

Another tiny update today, i got my lift in place and some more platforms added with a few supports, it’s in a pretty playable state right now, it wont be long until i give it a little test run. Comments welcome, thanks for looking ! 🙂

Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Latest Work

It’s been a while since my last update but i managed to get some work done on my Vertical Hive this weekend so its time for another update. I have the bulk of 3 shops done and more importantly the stairs which connect the floors. I’m still uncertain as to what to do with the floors surface, i just can’t seem to settle on anything 😀 i tried something with gaffer tape but its not giving me the effect i want. I still need to try something suggested by @ClockworkOrange over at Yaktribe but i didn’t remember about it until now, whoops !

Here’s some pictures of the progress, thanks for looking and comments are very welcome !

2015-06-28 13.33.12 2015-06-28 17.49.39 2015-06-28 17.50.12 2015-06-28 17.50.20 2015-06-28 22.20.58 2015-06-28 22.21.18 2015-06-28 22.21.57 2015-06-28 22.22.10 2015-06-28 22.43.37 2015-06-28 22.44.15

Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Detail Work

I got some more detail work done on my Vertical Hive, i have added some more pipework as well as ladders, lots of ladders. On top of this i have added some of old PC parts i had to the walls to break up the smoothness of it and i have also started work on the hive guys/tradepost/saloon shop fronts that i plan for the bottom section.

A small/rough list of things to do would be :

  • Finish wall/ceiling detail
  • Staircase down entire length of one side
  • Lift down same side as the ladders
  • Finish shop fronts
  • Program Odroid/SHOW/Vu
  • Add missing platforms to connect lift/ladders/staircase
  • Smear filler on floors/sand down
  • Create edges for platforms
  • RAILINGS ! ! ! ! !
  • PAINT !?! PAINT !?! PAINT !?!

I think that’s most of it, i should really write my plans down, it is still very rough around the edges (literally in some cases) but i would love to know what people think and any ideas they may have. Thanks for looking !

2015-06-07 23.03.422015-06-07 23.29.382015-06-07 23.03.56 2015-06-07 23.04.01 2015-06-07 23.04.11 2015-06-07 23.04.20 2015-06-07 23.04.26 2015-06-07 23.04.34 2015-06-07 23.04.42 2015-06-07 23.04.47 2015-06-07 23.04.54

Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Tech Goodies – WIP

Today i realised something great, i can combine 2 of my loves/hobbies into 1, how cool is that ! ? ! What is this other hobby ? Linux ! I have always been a fan of Linux since i was introduced to it about 8 years ago by one of my friends, so much so that i didn’t use MS Windows for 8+ years up until the start of this year and my epic new PC (8-core i7/16GB RAM/4GB GTX970) which i had to get a Windows 7 license for because “i’d already spent way too much money, so why not that little more and see what i’d been missing !”.

I have a Raspberry Pi Model B an Odroid U3 and a Beaglebone something or other (can you tell i haven’t used it much ?), i also have 2 x 9″ touch screens (Odroid Vu) and something called an Odroid Show which can be used to display various stats as well as just images depending on its use. I am going to use my Odroid U3/Vu/Show on my Vertical Hive. I plan to make it so i can remove all of them if necessary and also access any cables i may need to. The Odroid Show will be used as a “working” display for a control panel or possibly a hive guys/grills/trade post/bar menu and the Vu will be used as a massive billboard to display various propaganda/news/topical events.  The best thing is that the Odroid U3 runs many Linux distros and Android so its basically a mini PC/tablet built into my hive !

I’ll stop with the Linux chat now as this is my other geeky blog 😀 I finished the stairs today and stuck the 2 bookcases together with “No more nails” and a couple of brackets for good measure, apart from a few ladders most of the “Sectors” now have a complete floor plan. Other than that i haven’t progressed too much. I do have an awful lot of electrical bits available to me (a full pc plus the pics below) what should i do with them ? Just cut them up and plaster them to the wall/ceiling or rip things off them first and then cut them up ? Any suggestions are welcome as i have no idea what to do with them i just know i should use them.

Right, time for a load of pics to try and help try and explain that crazy mass of nonsensical text up there ^^ comments always welcome, thanks for looking !

2015-06-01 00.32.34 2015-06-01 00.32.20 2015-05-31 17.25.45 2015-05-31 20.45.19 2015-05-31 20.46.19 2015-05-31 23.29.13 2015-05-31 20.46.26 2015-05-31 20.47.28 2015-05-31 20.47.44 2015-05-31 20.48.35 2015-05-31 20.48.59 2015-05-31 20.49.34 2015-05-31 20.49.46 2015-05-31 20.49.59 2015-05-31 20.50.40 2015-05-31 20.51.18 2015-05-31 20.51.44 2015-05-31 20.52.11 2015-05-31 20.53.05 2015-05-31 23.27.47

Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Floor Plan Update – WIP

I don’t think i have ever been or ever will be this excited about floor plans in my life ! I got a bit of work done today on my Vertical Hive, it doesn’t really seem like much now i’m looking at it but i have a better idea of what i want for each level, whereas before i just had lots of ideas which i classed as my “plan”. 😀 I will try to provide a little description of what is planned before the corresponding photo, if you have any thoughts/ideas/comments then please leave them below. 🙂

First up is a front/rear shot of the full WIP, the things on the top are the gantries for top and bottom sections (they are upside down) the only section which has its ladders/walkways in pretty much there final position is the top one, the other 2 are just to show points of access, there will be more i just didn’t have enough things to hand and didn’t want to go upstairs to get more. 😀 In the bottom photo on the left side i plan to create a working lift which stops at the 3 brown platforms with stairs on the opposing side but round the corner that link up to the black/white platforms if that makes sense !

Now for a little description of the top section, this section is actually slightly smaller than the other 2 and so the lowest platforms in this section will probably be fenced/walled off to deal with the problem of certain minis not fitting under it, fortunately i don’t have this problem in the other sections. One of the gantries from the top will connect the top 2 platforms and be hung from the ceiling.

The middle section needs some ladders and stairs making to connect the platforms together, because the ladders will be more than 4″ tall i have decided to provide a quick/risky route as well as a slow/safe route to the highest platform/gantry in this section/all sections.

I left this last section pretty barren/basic so i could try have some fun with the details and try to create a trade post//drinking hole/town area with the space. The platform on the left will be connected to a platform/walkway hung from the ceiling heading towards the right.

So that’s it, if anybody has any thoughts/ideas then please leave them below, thanks for looking ! 🙂

Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Floor Plans – WIP

After starting my Vertical Hive at the weekend i have done nothing but think about floor plans/hive design all day and night. I haven’t managed to get much done but i have made some “crucial” design decisions and started work creating 1 of the floor plans thanks to some help from some amazing comments here and at the Yaktribe Forum.

So, time for the so called “crucial” decisions, i’ve decided to stick these 2 bookcases back to back permanently or at the very least semi-permanently with a cage/magnets. I chose to do this simply because i have another 2 of these bookcases i can claim ! I’m not even 10% through this and i am already planning another half because i simply cant resist having 2 opposite each other with loads of connecting walkways, this has already become a pretty large project. Now for the next decision, thanks to some inspiring comments i have decided to change from my initial plan to have 6 floors, to one where i have 3 “Sectors” with 3/4 levels/floors/platforms inside each “Sector”.

I think that’s about it for now (read : it’s 3am and i’m drawing a blank) so time for a few pics of my progress, i’ve only done some work on 1 floor but hopefully you will get an idea of what i’m going for. Thanks for looking, i would love to hear what you think in the comments below 🙂

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