Mektown Mayhem

I have been avoiding the hobby lately as i have recently had an ulcer in my eye, it KO’d my Yaktribe competition entry as i just couldn’t see but i am hoping to finish it off soon as i was so close to finishing that it would be a shame not to !

Yesterday me and @Flamekebab managed to get a game of gorkamorka in (no pics, sorry) and god was it funny, i somehow managed to basically swerve/thrust my way to nearly the centre of the table, drop off a couple of boys for some scrap and down the driver of his trukk all in 1 turn ! Over the next few turns his trukk swerved and crashed as his driver was still down which flung him and the gunner on to the desert floor.

While this was happening i had loaded 2 lots of scrap on my trukk and had 2 boys lugging some more about, i then rammed his trak taking out his engines and damaging my thrusters so they were stuck on which rather fortunately let me thrust straight off the table with all bar 2 of my mob on board ! My last 2 boys started legging it and due to his casualties he (un)forunately bottled out, it was almost as if it was planned 😀

It was a great afternoon and i hope we can get some more games in real soon !

I do have a little work to show of a fort i started on back in August, it still needs a lot of work but the basics are there :


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