More Mektown Madness

I picked up my goodies i ordered from the store the other day and have assembled my grots, most of them anyway :D

Rudniks Rebels WIP
Im not to happy with the flag pole, its a little too big (wide) for the tiny grots hand so i will need to change this but other than some GS bandanas and a hat for the captain they are pretty much ready for painting. Here are a couple of lists i have made for them

Rudniks Rebels =
Rudniks Rebels (WYSIWYG) =

I have also started work on a (gigantic) big lugga for them to get around on which im hoping to make look like a rusty pirate ship, its only a frame at the moment and in the end i may have to rethink the lists and make a smaller ship for them with some cuttas but im not sure yet. Its a little bigger than the trukk further down but its is roughly the same height apart from the mast.

Big Lugga WIP
Big Lugga
Grot 01

Last monday i had the pleasure of meeting @Flamekebab who generously donated me some resin parts to help create some mobs/vehicles. So far i have made this trukk for another mob.

Da Skrappas WIP
They are still very WIP and have been put on the back burner for now as i attempt to paint more minis now than i have this year :D here is the list for them

Da Skrappas =

Comments welcome !


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