Mektown Madness

I walked into my local GW store yesterday and ended up buying some Orks 😀 So now i can get back into Gorkamorka, I eventually got some modelling time today and finally got my trukk stuck together and some boyz, here is a pic :


They are called “Da Trukkas” here is a link for the mob :

Also, after much thought i decided to enter the YakComp 15. It has been a while since i entered a competition and i had quite a few ideas for the theme so why not ? I don’t expect to win after seeing a few other entries so far but i like that it gets me motivated to do something !

At first i was going to do a big gun on a trukk, then i decided to instead maybe do a Nob riding a warbike with a massive choppa (i have a dreadnought axe which was probably too big if im honest) and after that i thought it might be fun to a rebel grot mob as pretty much everything looks big on a grot right ?

In the end i settled on an amalgamation of all the above ideas, it is pretty large in nature so doubt i will get it all done but it’s worth a shot ! My plan is to paint 20-30 grots and scratchbuild 1 big lugga with a massive splattapult and 2 cuttas. I quite like the idea of a pirate theme for my grots and i am currently trying to make a “land pirate ship” to go with my cuttas until my grots arrive and i can start painting 😀

Here are some WIP shots of my cutta, rivets, etc still to be done :

Comments welcome !


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