Necromunda/Scenery – Old Tech

Since the bambino arrived i haven’t done too much work but here are a few pics to show anyway, firstly some goodies that i have used in my hive

Before :


After :


They are kind of just plonked on but i think with some clever cabling it will start to look good. I got my plasticard stuck down and used some netting stretched over some platforms which turned out rather well, i just need to fix the edging !


I’v also finished the edging of my modular street level pieces and started creating a dice tower for the hive :


And in other news i found my Barbaretta model from Inquisitor and made myself a workbench for my man cave :

4026-1462917872-9f2e39edff68e37d449bf4970e1e1fa54027-1462917883-5ea5e2b62d0df04b33f9b34dcae075864028-1462917895-119ddbe2a5181a295cbe05a2f8db05362016-05-29 20.26.10


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