Necromunda/Scenery -Movement in the shadows

I have been away for a while due to some real life distractions but now i am back and hoping to be more frequent in my blog posts again. I now have a dedicated man cave in the loft which is cool but what isn’t cool is i had to break off some of my vertical hive and take down the stairs up to the loft to be able to get it up in the loft !


And now on to some of the work i have done, i have less space in the loft so have had to cannabilise/merge my modular board idea with the vertical hive to utilise the materials. It could still be used on it’s own i suppose but i think it is better with the hive 😀


I used some 120 grit “wet and dry paper” for the flooring of some areas and have some embossed plasticard coming for the non laser cut platforms.


That’s it for now, will hopefully have some more work done soon !


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