Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – More Work

Another tiny update today, i got my lift in place and some more platforms added with a few supports, it’s in a pretty playable state right now, it wont be long until i give it a little test run. Comments welcome, thanks for looking ! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – More Work

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    1. thanks, i dont think i will be lucky enough to get a game in before the weekend but it wont stop me trying to blag one out of my brother ! 😀


    1. Thanks @Azazel, i’m hoping my brother will be able to get round so we can play-test it, it will be my first game in years, it’s like being a kid and waiting for christmas but worse because i don’t have a definite date to look forward too:P

      Fingers crossed for this weekend !


  1. Wow very impressive work so far! My only concern is I would not want sacrifice 3 turns just to get up one flight of stairs. Even if there running up or down its at least two turns of moving! Or do you have some house rules for your hive to make life more bearable in the hive?! ;P and it is coming along nicely it’s been fun watching it evolve! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, the stairs are the “long way round” so to speak and you can still shoot while on the stairs but not the ladders so you arent quite as vulnerable but it takes longer to get up a level.

      I will also be changing the stairways to have platforms part way up so it isn’t one massive staircase, just waiting on a few bits arriving first. Hoping for a game wednesday night to test it out, i didn’t manage to get one at the weekend.

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      1. Yea that’s funny you say that I was going to suggest a brake in the stairs with random platforms or jetties sticking out of the side of the stairs , some going no where, others just as accesses points to hive maintenance hatches or inter works of the hive. or this might be crazy cut a crawl space to the other side of the wall as a short cut! that may require a chisel an x-acto knife and a lot of patience! 😀

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        1. I like the idea of a shortcut but patience isn’t something i am known for having 😛 i may have to blag someone to do this for me.

          The “plan” at the moment is to remove the bottom half of each staircase and then add different sized/shaped platforms to each level with the stairs i remove/replace then being used in a different area in each level to connect them all up, depending on the space i may even include some more ladders to help block LOS and provide another route up/down the hive.

          I hope that makes sense . . .

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          1. Yes that is a cool idea. I have thought of a quick and dirty method you might consider ! Draw the hole you want to cut in pencil then drill the corners out then stick a hack saw blade in then attach wooden dowels to the ends of the blades use sticky plasters or duct tape or what ever you like remember to use work gloves cus if you slip you might catch the side of the blade whit your hand and that’s not fun trust me! 😉 but it is faster and more accurate! Or take a 3:8 drill bit keep drilling as close the last hole go all the way around the marked door way then you should be able to cut it out with a knife or if you like it messy looking his it knock out what’s left white the head of a hammer! It’s not as accurate but it’s more fun! 😉

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  2. Looks very nice, sir, very nice indeed! I could see a campaign being fought here – it just seems too tall for a one off match, bloody glorious though – you could run several battles at once on a hive tower that size!

    Makes my itch to build an Enforcers gang grow even stronger!

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    1. Thank you, the size of the thing has been a concern of mine for a while regarding initial deployment but i have a couple of ideas to help fix this.

      I figured either every game could be 3+ gangs participating (i don’t get to play much so this could help with that) or because it isn’t a standard board then standard deployment rules don’t apply, for example rather than being at opposite ends of the hive they could be separated by either 1 floor or no floors.

      I’d love to hear peoples suggestions, so far my favourite idea is the 3+ gangs playing every game, more gangs means more mayhem !


      1. A bunch of gangs would be beautifully chaotic! You could also try like a weird hybrid of Kill Team and Necromunda, with larger gangs battling it out…

        Another idea would be to play a campaign across it, with gangs controlling different floors, and different floors having different resources.

        Again, it looks absolutely brilliant, and I would love to play on a massive terrain piece like that one!

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        1. Larger gangs is a great idea, a higher initial amount of credits/gangers would help a lot when only 2 gangs are playing.

          When the second one is built it will be easier to play on just the one level with other games being played on the others at the moment i don’t think it is big enough to have both gangs set up on the same floor.

          If you have any more thoughts/ideas then please keep them coming !


            1. I have only recently got back into 40K/Necromunda, with Necromunda taking over, but i also have fairly large Space Wolf/Chaos Space Marine armies as well and i don’t really know what Zone Mortalis is 😀

              Google to the rescue . . .


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