Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Detail Work

I got some more detail work done on my Vertical Hive, i have added some more pipework as well as ladders, lots of ladders. On top of this i have added some of old PC parts i had to the walls to break up the smoothness of it and i have also started work on the hive guys/tradepost/saloon shop fronts that i plan for the bottom section.

A small/rough list of things to do would be :

  • Finish wall/ceiling detail
  • Staircase down entire length of one side
  • Lift down same side as the ladders
  • Finish shop fronts
  • Program Odroid/SHOW/Vu
  • Add missing platforms to connect lift/ladders/staircase
  • Smear filler on floors/sand down
  • Create edges for platforms
  • RAILINGS ! ! ! ! !
  • PAINT !?! PAINT !?! PAINT !?!

I think that’s most of it, i should really write my plans down, it is still very rough around the edges (literally in some cases) but i would love to know what people think and any ideas they may have. Thanks for looking !

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7 thoughts on “Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Detail Work

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  1. Dude, this is just bonkers – I love it!!! I’d go with some fine texture on the floor & ceilings myself – like concrete, with various stains, panels & hatches nicely rusted up to break it up a little more, and a good scattering of graffiti, posters, litter, all sorts of random machinery to add interest. Will you be adding lights as well as the screens?

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    1. thanks for the kind words and ideas @Alex sorry for the delay in liking to replying wordpress didn’t tell me you had commented for some reason and i was at work when i noticed, i think trying to recreate concrete like you suggest may be the best idea, as for the lights me and @Tartarus had thought about it but that’s about as far as we got !

      I do like the idea of lights but i think if i were to add lights i would need them wired up and controlled from my Odroid U3/Raspberry Pi like i plan to with the lift motor, which means more expenditure and lots more reading to get them wired/working.

      So to (not) answer your question, i don’t know 😀 i may go for a simple solution first with just LED’s and batteries and then further down the line i could deal with wiring/controlling it from my U3/Pi. What do you think ?


      1. Hey, no worries dude – it’s hard to keep track of it all sometimes! Sounds like a simple LED solution would do just fine – you can always retrofit something clever further down the line (and the extra wiring would just add to the overall effect). I can’t wait to see the lift motor btw – I didn’t realise you were planning that too… Madness!

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        1. Simple it is then for now i think. I still need to order the motor/wires/etc but i figured if i’m using my development boards in the build then i might as well control as much of it as i can from them, it does mean i could do some pretty cool things with sensors/lights/sound/etc i just need to do a lot more reading first 😀

          Until i get the motor and everything ordered/working i will be making a simple lift mechanism to make sure it works for when i get round to playing on it.

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