Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Tech Goodies – WIP

Today i realised something great, i can combine 2 of my loves/hobbies into 1, how cool is that ! ? ! What is this other hobby ? Linux ! I have always been a fan of Linux since i was introduced to it about 8 years ago by one of my friends, so much so that i didn’t use MS Windows for 8+ years up until the start of this year and my epic new PC (8-core i7/16GB RAM/4GB GTX970) which i had to get a Windows 7 license for because “i’d already spent way too much money, so why not that little more and see what i’d been missing !”.

I have a Raspberry Pi Model B an Odroid U3 and a Beaglebone something or other (can you tell i haven’t used it much ?), i also have 2 x 9″ touch screens (Odroid Vu) and something called an Odroid Show which can be used to display various stats as well as just images depending on its use. I am going to use my Odroid U3/Vu/Show on my Vertical Hive. I plan to make it so i can remove all of them if necessary and also access any cables i may need to. The Odroid Show will be used as a “working” display for a control panel or possibly a hive guys/grills/trade post/bar menu and the Vu will be used as a massive billboard to display various propaganda/news/topical events.  The best thing is that the Odroid U3 runs many Linux distros and Android so its basically a mini PC/tablet built into my hive !

I’ll stop with the Linux chat now as this is my other geeky blog 😀 I finished the stairs today and stuck the 2 bookcases together with “No more nails” and a couple of brackets for good measure, apart from a few ladders most of the “Sectors” now have a complete floor plan. Other than that i haven’t progressed too much. I do have an awful lot of electrical bits available to me (a full pc plus the pics below) what should i do with them ? Just cut them up and plaster them to the wall/ceiling or rip things off them first and then cut them up ? Any suggestions are welcome as i have no idea what to do with them i just know i should use them.

Right, time for a load of pics to try and help try and explain that crazy mass of nonsensical text up there ^^ comments always welcome, thanks for looking !

2015-06-01 00.32.34 2015-06-01 00.32.20 2015-05-31 17.25.45 2015-05-31 20.45.19 2015-05-31 20.46.19 2015-05-31 23.29.13 2015-05-31 20.46.26 2015-05-31 20.47.28 2015-05-31 20.47.44 2015-05-31 20.48.35 2015-05-31 20.48.59 2015-05-31 20.49.34 2015-05-31 20.49.46 2015-05-31 20.49.59 2015-05-31 20.50.40 2015-05-31 20.51.18 2015-05-31 20.51.44 2015-05-31 20.52.11 2015-05-31 20.53.05 2015-05-31 23.27.47


6 thoughts on “Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Tech Goodies – WIP

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  1. thanks @ejhenries for the kind words, im currently swimming in a sea of straws/pipework and old electrical parts for the walls/ceiling, should hopefully get an update done soon !


  2. This is amazing, I always had trouble storing my Necromunda scenery, wore out and destroyed most of it in the process. Never would have thought to build it into some shelves, it’s brilliant. I really look forward to seeing more of your great work.

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    1. Thanks @Kane Valentine, it wasn’t storage that gave me this idea tho, i just wanted more levels 😀 i wish i had the fore-sight for that kind of thing !


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