Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Floor Plan Update – WIP

I don’t think i have ever been or ever will be this excited about floor plans in my life ! I got a bit of work done today on my Vertical Hive, it doesn’t really seem like much now i’m looking at it but i have a better idea of what i want for each level, whereas before i just had lots of ideas which i classed as my “plan”. 😀 I will try to provide a little description of what is planned before the corresponding photo, if you have any thoughts/ideas/comments then please leave them below. 🙂

First up is a front/rear shot of the full WIP, the things on the top are the gantries for top and bottom sections (they are upside down) the only section which has its ladders/walkways in pretty much there final position is the top one, the other 2 are just to show points of access, there will be more i just didn’t have enough things to hand and didn’t want to go upstairs to get more. 😀 In the bottom photo on the left side i plan to create a working lift which stops at the 3 brown platforms with stairs on the opposing side but round the corner that link up to the black/white platforms if that makes sense !

Now for a little description of the top section, this section is actually slightly smaller than the other 2 and so the lowest platforms in this section will probably be fenced/walled off to deal with the problem of certain minis not fitting under it, fortunately i don’t have this problem in the other sections. One of the gantries from the top will connect the top 2 platforms and be hung from the ceiling.

The middle section needs some ladders and stairs making to connect the platforms together, because the ladders will be more than 4″ tall i have decided to provide a quick/risky route as well as a slow/safe route to the highest platform/gantry in this section/all sections.

I left this last section pretty barren/basic so i could try have some fun with the details and try to create a trade post//drinking hole/town area with the space. The platform on the left will be connected to a platform/walkway hung from the ceiling heading towards the right.

So that’s it, if anybody has any thoughts/ideas then please leave them below, thanks for looking ! 🙂


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