Necromunda/Scenery – Vertical Hive – Floor Plans – WIP

After starting my Vertical Hive at the weekend i have done nothing but think about floor plans/hive design all day and night. I haven’t managed to get much done but i have made some “crucial” design decisions and started work creating 1 of the floor plans thanks to some help from some amazing comments here and at the Yaktribe Forum.

So, time for the so called “crucial” decisions, i’ve decided to stick these 2 bookcases back to back permanently or at the very least semi-permanently with a cage/magnets. I chose to do this simply because i have another 2 of these bookcases i can claim ! I’m not even 10% through this and i am already planning another half because i simply cant resist having 2 opposite each other with loads of connecting walkways, this has already become a pretty large project. Now for the next decision, thanks to some inspiring comments i have decided to change from my initial plan to have 6 floors, to one where i have 3 “Sectors” with 3/4 levels/floors/platforms inside each “Sector”.

I think that’s about it for now (read : it’s 3am and i’m drawing a blank) so time for a few pics of my progress, i’ve only done some work on 1 floor but hopefully you will get an idea of what i’m going for. Thanks for looking, i would love to hear what you think in the comments below 🙂


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