Necromunda/Scenery – Creating The 2nd Hive – WIP

That’s right a second hive ! I know i already have a modular gaming board i have been working on but i have a few bookcases going spare and spent many years dreaming of a board similar to this one below.


Now i have a chance to actually make something like this ! ? ! These are the bookcases in question, there are 2 back to back in the pic below. i could make another set like this with walkways spanning the 2 but i’m a little uncertain if it would be needed (too large ?) or even playable with the walkways spanning both towers, i could magnetise them but it would be a real pain to remove them all the time when playing so i probably wont for now.

The dimensions are as follows :

65 x 82.5 x 16 = H x W x D = Full Size
65 x 75 x 16 = H x W x D = Useable = 5/6 Floors at 10cm intervals

I know each floor is a little too far apart but i don’t have to drill any holes this way ! This does prove to be a problem for slanted walkways but not too much of a problem. I’ve got a little bit of work done on 1 of the sections which you can see below, the small sections of flooring will have a walkway or stairs leading up to them, the ones in the pic are just to give an idea of what i am aiming for.

2015-05-25 18.36.28 2015-05-25 18.47.32

After a little trial and error i have worked out the walkways/stairs need to be about 45 cm long to stop models sliding down them, which takes the walkway/stairs nearly to the end of the other side, the other bookcase has a back board which will have doorways cut out of it at the same height as each level to allow travel from one side to the other and be built up in a similar fashion. Finally a pic to show the required length of walkway. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome ! 🙂

2015-05-25 21.12.09


9 thoughts on “Necromunda/Scenery – Creating The 2nd Hive – WIP

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    1. Thank you 🙂 The bookcases aren’t very heavy fortunately ! Apart from the floors, everything else i plan should be very, very lightweight in comparison.


  1. That old board looks cracking, a modern re-interpretation of it could be amazing! Looks like yours will have three floors (plus mezzanines). Have you considered themeing the floors to any degree – going from high-class ‘upper hive’ at the top to grotty at the bottom? Perhaps something like shrines up top, then mechanicum machine-workshops, then sump. I’m sure you already have your own ideas though ;-p

    Regarding the walkways have you considered smaller ‘sub-mezzanines’ below the level of the existing ones, or large vats/machines etc, to provide other structures, creating alternative routes by which models can move up and down within levels? And of course there are always the trusty lifts and stairs. The key thing (as I’m sure you already know) is to create lots of options by which models can move around, rather than forcing them to follow the same routes every time.
    Anyway, very cool project, I’ll be following this with interest 🙂

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    1. Hi, thanks for the comments and feedback, it will have 6 floors i just need to either find some conveniently sized wood or get sawing, the ones you call mezzanines will have long thin sections attached to them of varying shapes or another floor on the opposite side so a walkway can be made in between the 2 maybe.

      I plan ladders/stairs/slanted walkways and possibly an american fire escape style thing down the thin section of the bookcase on the outside with either doorways cut out or walkways connecting it to the corresponding floor. I have a very old PC i can chop up for parts which i will splatter all over the place in the hope it breaks things up a bit.

      I like the sub-mezzanine idea a lot and theming would be cool too, i was just going industrial/futuristic, if you have any more ideas please keep them coming ! You may find more updates/comments from my thread at yaktribe, here is the link if you are interested :

      Thanks 🙂


    2. After an awful lot of headscratching i’ve decided it will be designed as you thought for simplicity reasons (3 floors plus mezzanines). I could include the top of them as a floor too for 4 floors. I’m hoping to get some work done tonight so will post an update showing the progress.


  2. I have that picture in my “folder”, too… Used to dream of building something like that for a sort of custom Space Crusade old dream. As a kid, playing with toys I loved to interlock Styrofoam from tech packaging and stuff… Solvent-based paints would corrode the foam, totally gene-stealer/xenomorph-like, and if you sticked/glued some plastic parts and acrylic-paint it over, looked totally space-hulkish. Looks maybe more Infinity/Tau than Imperial/Ork but it automatically gives you different levels, corners and sci-fi looking insta-volumes. I think you could fit three levels of that in between each of those boards, and keep the eyes busy and interested.

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    1. thanks for the idea 🙂 i have quite a bit of polystyrene packaging stashed away and was thinking i could possibly use it to create rooms (minus the sides maybe ?) or use it to layer detail on to the walls, i will need to play about after work ! !


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