Mordheim/Yaktribe – “House Of Cards” Competition – WIP – Plan Changes

The other night after i had done some work on my competition entry i was having a think and decided i needed to remove the chariot from the entry and start over as it was not allowed to be judged as part of the entry anyway. I posted my thoughts then as i was clearing things up i dropped my chariot with everyone on board, ouch !

2015-05-16 19.59.27

The damage wasn’t totally destructive but it pretty much confirmed my new plans ! So after some thinking i came up with a new idea i’ve called “On Parade”. I have a Lord/Knight/Flag Bearer which i will be placing on a base set up to look like they are walking down a street on parade.

2015-05-16 12.17.03 2015-05-16 13.26.30 2015-05-16 18.37.41 2015-05-16 19.17.22

I’m trying out a white/red/black colour scheme which i hope will look good enough otherwise i may need to strip/re-paint them ! Thanks for looking, C&C welcome !


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