Mordheim/Yaktribe – “House Of Cards” Competition – WIP

The next competition has been up for a while over at Yaktribe and i have been struggling with ideas to fit the theme “House of Cards” until i saw my chariot project i had started about a month ago. My idea is to create a knight/lord with a flag bearer and chariot “driver” in the hope it will motivate me to finish the chariot as well !

The competition criteria state i can’t use the chariot as it was started before the competition but i have checked and as long as i include a photo of the models i now make with/without the chariot i should be fine. These are the models/pieces i plan on using.

2015-05-11 23.04.53 2015-05-11 23.05.40 2015-05-11 23.05.58

I’m hoping to chop the flag above/below the hand and give it the guy in the top pic on the right and then use the arm for my knight/lord with a shield attached to it, which will be the guy on the left. The guy in the middle i am gonna convert into the driver with one hand on the reins and one hand with a whip.

With the competition ending on the 31st of May i better get stripping/converting, thanks for looking, C&C very welcome !


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