Mordheim/Necromunda/Scenery – An Update – WIP

Not much work done today worth showing but i did manage to saw a lot of the wood into the pieces i need for my table. I haven’t stuck anything down yet as i need to make sure each piece is the same size, but the picture below should show what i am aiming for. I will fill the insides with some expanding foam to create the level for my towers/etc to sit on and attach lots of buttresses and/or old PC parts to the wall, i haven’t decided if i’m doing sewers or streets yet !

2015-05-09 19.55.37

I stuck some horses to my chariot i have been stalling on, now for some reins and a driver/rider !

2015-05-10 01.30.25

While i was sawing my MDF boards i found a section which was water damaged (the board is probably 10-15 years old and had been in the attic for all that time) it’s just a little raised in places but it looks rather useful and hasn’t damaged the board on the opposite side. I’d had a few ideas about a tank bursting through a ruined wall and unloading its cargo of marines so came up with this

2015-05-10 01.38.42

I’m not certain if a full squad of marines will leave it feeling a little congested/full but i will figure that out later i’m sure 😀 thanks for reading, C&C welcome !


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