Necromunda/Scenery – Creating The Hive – WIP

I spent a little time today working on and an awful lot more time planning my table for Necromunda, i haven’t got amazingly far but the basics are marked/planned out. I have spent days reading threads/blogs and liked the raised level a few people were adding to their tables so decided to steal this idea with loads of others to boot !

Enough rambling, pic/explanation time. Firstly my boards will be 300mm x 300mm and my walls will be about 750mm tall, roughly the same as a bulkhead, the walls will be adorned with either shop/building faces and/or (probably and) lots of buttresses to make it feel even more confined and provide lots of cover with the need for scatter terrain. The streets should be just under 100mm wide without anything attached to them, this means i will be able to straddle some of the laser cut towers i have across the top of the street level if space is a little tight near the edges of the board. I am also hoping to create smaller square/rectangular buildings to place on top of the raised level to create yet another level for any towers placed on top.

I hope that makes sense, some pics now.

2015-05-05 02.48.34 2015-05-05 02.48.58 2015-05-05 02.49.13

I have a total of 9 boards, more will be added later, they still need some sanding to square them off but they are all marked up. The parts which are shaded will be raised up and filled with foam or something of a similar nature to create the floor for all the towers/buildings above. At the moment i have

  • 2 x T-Junction Sections
  • 3 x Corner Sections
  • 4 x Straight Sections

When i add more i may create a cross-roads section to help add variety. Below is a very rough plan of the layout i plan to make with these boards.

2015-05-05 02.49.52

More to follow soon, C&C welcome, thanks for looking 🙂


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