Necromunda/Scenery – Display Bases – WIP

After finishing my Ratskin Display Base i have started work on the next one, i haven’t decided which gang it is for but it will probably be my Van Saar or Redemptionists.

So on to some pictures, the last time you saw it, it looked like this

2015-04-26 00.56.54 2015-04-26 00.55.44

I then sprayed all the towers/walkways/ladders with a grey primer and then again with a silver spray for car wheels

2015-05-02 19.35.17

The walkways i have left this colour and just added some hazard stripe tape to the ends. I got Tartarus to then dirty up both of my towers with a few greys/orange/dirty/rusty colours.

2015-05-02 19.57.312015-05-02 23.35.15

Then i stuck the towers to the base and covered the floor with sand i got from a DIY store while Tartarus worked on some pallets/crates

2015-05-03 01.01.192015-05-03 01.09.20

I just need to touch up the sand down the middle and in a few other patchy places then seal/paint it tomorrow as well as stick a border on which may take a while, the last one wasn’t as easy as i had hoped, it looks good tho i think. That’s pretty much it for now, C&C welcome, thanks for looking !


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