INQ28/Inquisimunda – Mordian Iron Guard – Painted

I found my old Mordian Iron Guard a while back and finally got a couple of them painted up. I plan on using them in INQ28/Inquisimunda when i get round to playing, but i may just make a cool little display base for the gangs/retinues i have made up in my painting queue for now.

I chose these 2 models as i like them, that’s it really, most of the lasgun toting guys look a little boring i feel but the guy charging is pretty awesome, there will also be the grenade launcher guy in a different gang/retinue, i just had to use him !

They aren’t amazing (i dont claim to be any good) and look a little washed out, plus they both fell off their bases so need touching up again. I may address the wash issue as well when i do this.

So now for the pics, thanks for looking !

mordian1 mordian2 mordian3 mordian4 mordian5


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