Necromunda/Scenery – Ratskin Display Base Completed

I finished my display base today and managed to get some semi-good photos taken/edited of it. I have included pictures of the steps i took to create this, the scenery i used was bought from ebay fairly cheaply, but could be made even cheaper if you do it yourself !

I had a lot of fun making this and plan on making one for every gang/retinue i have for Necromunda/Inquisimunda/INQ28 as i went a bit crazy when i got back into this hobby and bought a load of scenery (26 city ruins and 30 towers plus extra walkways and ladders) . . . whoops !

2015-04-03 20.51.49 2015-04-03 20.52.26 2015-04-03 20.53.59 2015-04-19 16.54.09 2015-04-19 18.36.21 2015-04-26 01.17.31

After this i sprayed some slate black then stuck them to the side, i think it works quite well for a border. As the Ratskins aren’t painted i used the Cawdor instead. Now all that is left is the “money shot” . . .

ratskinscenicdisplaybase1 ratskinscenicdisplaybase2

As always thanks for looking, any comments welcome !


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