Necromunda – Cawdor/Ash Wastes Gang

This is my Cawdor/Ash Wastes gang for Necromunda, I made them from the Dark Vengeance Cultists with very few “conversions” if any, i don’t think i went any further than a weapon swap really tho ! I forgot to base them before painting so will take some proper photos when that is finished.

I am very pleased with the hoods, i don’t know if it shows in the pictures but there is a faded green tinge to them which looks cool, like i said better pictures will follow which will hopefully capture it if these don’t !

As always thanks for looking !

2015-04-26 22.05.38 2015-04-26 22.06.29 2015-04-26 22.07.562015-04-26 22.08.292015-04-26 22.09.212015-04-26 22.09.51


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