Necromunda/Scenery/Space Hulk – Cawdor Steamroller Trukk and Ratskin Display Base and Space Hulk Style Diorama

Just another update of the small amount of work i got done this weekend, first off the Cawdor Steamroller Trukk. I added a House Cawdor symbol to the front and some skulls to the side and gave it a quick spray.

2015-04-18 22.40.30 2015-04-18 22.40.43 2015-04-20 00.38.11

I also based my Ratskin Scenic Display Base i started and gave it a spray while i was at it.

2015-04-19 16.54.09 2015-04-19 18.36.21

Then i had an idea to try a diorama, i had always liked Space Hulk and the imagery it conjured so figured i’d try a Terminator being overrun by Genestealers in a corridor, i don’t know how far i will get with it but below are a few shots of what i have in mind.

2015-04-19 20.02.39 2015-04-19 20.02.56 2015-04-19 22.35.25

Thanks for looking !


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