Inquisitor – Deathwatch Space Marine

When i recently got back into the 40K universe i was rather lucky with my timing as my local GW store was running a promotion for its 2nd birthday. Whenever you bought anything you received some “teef” to exchange for “prizes” and i had accumulated 120 “teef” to exchange for prizes 🙂

The prizes varied from the the guy at the store making/painting units/models to him drawing sketches and a few other things, i chose to exchange my “teef” for his painting/drawing skills as mine suck ! My initial idea was to get him to paint as much of my Space Wolf army as possible but while searching for my old models back at home i found my Inquisitor Eisenhorn and Deathwatch Space Marine Artemis models so decided i would get him to make/paint these for me as i wouldn’t be able to do them any form of justice.

I chose to make him a Space Wolf instead of Artemis and just told him to have fun with it. It is painted by a guy called Liam White, i am really happy with it and love all the detail he has added to his face/etc. Here is the Facebook Page of my local GW store just in case anyone wants to check it out.

Thanks Liam, you did an amazing job and i can’t wait to see what you do with Eisenhorn !

deathwatchspacemarine1 deathwatchspacemarine2 deathwatchspacemarine3 deathwatchspacemarine4 deathwatchspacemarine5 deathwatchspacemarine6

Thanks for looking !


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