Mordheim – Chariot Warband – WIP

I haven’t done much work on anything this weekend due to laziness but i have done a little on a few projects that i have on the go. I did the most on the chariot i have started for a Mordheim Warband which you will see below.

I had a few problems finding some wheels which i thought were big enough and in the end i made some from clay.

2015-04-10 22.00.23 2015-04-12 17.17.41

I wrapped some plasticard around the edge which was larger than the wheels i had made so i could add more clay and try to guarantee at least similar sized wheels.I have added a frame to the inside of the chariot and some shields to the outside, i also poked some holes into the wet clay so i can add some spikes to them and i plan on adding more plasticard around the edges.

2015-04-12 17.17.33 2015-04-12 23.50.58 2015-04-12 23.51.06

The wheels will be the opposite way around when i stick it together i just used the holes to get this shot, thanks for looking !


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