Mordheim/Necromunda – Chariot Warband/Ratskin/Beastmaster Chariot – WIP

Over at Yaktribe Gaming they recently had a competition with a vehicle theme, after recently joining the site i decided to enter, i don’t expect to win as my painting/scratch building is not up to the same standard as a lot of theirs but i have had tons of fun making my entry and its also given me loads of different ideas for vehicles. While thinking of different vehicles to make for my Necromunda gangs i came across a stumbling block, the Ratskins !

After a little thinking i came up with a chariot idea, being pulled by Giant Rats/Milliasaur/etc for my Ratskins and figured they could also be used in Mordheim. I’ve always wanted to get into Mordheim but never really have, so i’m hoping that by making these i might be motivated to do so !

I haven’t got very far but figured i’d post where i am at now. My plans are to make enough to carry a full warband and some for my Ratskins so i have quite a few to make !

2015-04-06 21.53.39 2015-04-06 22.46.57 2015-04-06 22.47.03 2015-04-06 23.04.01

Thanks for looking !


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