INQ28/Inquisimunda – Deathwatch Scout Squad and Kill Team – WIP

Bear with me, this may be a little long ! Recently at my local GW store it was their 2 year birthday and running up to it they ran a promotion where you could earn “teef” when you bought anything and exchange them for “prizes” on/after the stored birthday. Luckily/unluckily for me this was when i got back into 40K so as you can probably imagine i acquired a lot of teef (120+). The prizes ranged from drawings/portraits of characters from the 40K universe from the store employee (Liam i think) to them making or painting units/models respectively.

I had been joking with Liam about how he would be painting my whole Space Wolf army but after finding 2 of my old Inquisitor models (Eisenhorn/Artemis, no Barbaretta yet) i figured i’d be nice/cheeky and ask him to stick/paint those for me instead of some of the characters/units i had previously planned. I started researching the Deathwatch soon after and didn’t stop for days !

Now, considering 54mm Inquisitor models aren’t amazingly cheap on ebay i decided to create a squad or 2 in 28mm. My first ideas are a Deathwatch Scout Squad and a Deathwatch Kill-Team, which would allow me to use a lot of the old metal figures i have without any hacking off any parts, only easy, non-invasive swaps if anything which is always good !

I’ll start with the Kill-Team, as i mentioned in a previous post, i like the idea of having a Deathwatch/Inquisition banner so i have included a standard bearer from the old metal Space Marine Command Squad. I also have a heavy weapons expert with a heavy plasma cannon (no head yet) and a Space Marine Scout with a sniper rifle.

2015-04-05 00.09.05 2015-04-05 00.09.29 2015-04-05 00.09.59

The joy of these models is they have no chapter specific markings so i can choose who they are representing but most of the metal ones i have are Space Wolves and there are a lot of good figures available, i settled on the metal Blood Claw Sergeant figure for my next member as i have always loved the pose and i happen to have 2 of them ! He is armed with a Power Fist/Power Claw and a Bolter.

2015-04-05 00.10.15

The final member was to be my Kill-Team Sergeant, i chose the Dark Angel Tactical Squad Sergeant from the Dark Vengeance box set. I like a lot of the poses of some of the models but the fact they are “snap-together” spoils it a little for me, using this model lets me actually do something with some of the Dark Angels from the box set !

2015-04-05 00.10.36

For the Deathwatch Scout Squad, i wanted to use some of the old metal scouts i had, i always liked the shotgun/sniper models so i chose 1 of those each and then 1 with a bolter

2015-04-05 00.11.43

The last 2 members would be my “heavy” and Sergeant, i only really have the bits for a missile launcher so that’s what he is stuck with, don’t think i will be using the back pack tho, as for the Scout Sergeant i haven’t decided on weapon load-out so any ideas welcome !

2015-04-05 00.12.04

Nearly time to put them at the bottom of my painting queue 😛 Thanks for looking !


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