Necromunda – Orlock Gang with Buggies – WIP

I don’t have many official minis in my collection at the moment, only some ratskins as i can’t find my van saar, so have had to make some proxies for a few other gangs, for the orlocks i will be using catachans. I’m quite happy with how most have turned out but may still tweak 3/4 of them.

When i entered the competition on yaktribe i kept in mind that the drivers/gunners would need to match the gangs i have, at first i was planning on using them with my proxy van saar gang but iv broken most of those apart to use for other things as i have 20 official minis coming soon ! So my only option really then was the orlocks i had, the bodies don’t quite match but i figure the drivers/gunners would maybe wear different clothes to your bog standard ganger.

My girlfriend got quite interested by what i was doing and joined the competition also (i don’t know whether to be happy or sad if she beats me) so i have 2 buggies available for the gang, which is pretty cool . . . but also pretty daunting as now every other gang needs something similar 😀

Here are a few pics of the build process of both the buggies and a final one with the gang, still unpainted unfortunately !

20150306_224044 20150307_010214 20150314_223842 20150314_234452 20150315_233751 20150326_011649 20150326_164204 20150326_231638 buggytrailerfrontright VIXNECROBUGGYFRONTRIGHT 2015-04-04 15.05.57

I need to tidy my geek station it seems, looks a little dusty 😀 thanks for looking !


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