INQ28/Inquisimunda – 2nd Retinue – WIP

So i started on my 2nd retinue for INQ28/Inquisimunda and wanted to include a Deathwatch Space Marine as i have quite a few old metal figures which could look really good in INQ28/Inquisimunda. I have plans for a Deathwatch Scout Squad and possibly a Deathwatch Kill Team of some sorts but more on that later !

I decided that if they were getting a Deathwatch Space Marine then they would not have as many people in the retinue to try even things out, 3-4 should be ok compared to the 6 i made for the 1st set. In the end i settled on 3 as i decided to let my Inquisitor have power armour too. Im still struggling on a story as to why/how they all met but i know roughly what sort of character i would like them to be. I will apologise for the picture quality now, too much light !

First is the Inquisitor, he has a power axe and auspex in his hands, and i will be making a strap from greenstuff for his bolter, i gave him a backpack with 2 Imperial Eagles (the only normal/non space wolf one i had left) to help show his allegiance to The Emperor.

2015-04-04 23.22.23

Next is the Deatwatch Space Marine, i’m using the Space Wolf Standard Bearer with a bolter, i want to try and print/paint an Inquisition/Deathwatch banner for him as i think it would look pretty good. I need to add the Deathwatch symbol to his left shoulder pad but i need to do at least 10-15 of them soon anyway so he can wait until then unless i decide to paint it on.

2015-04-04 23.22.01

Finally, an Imperial Guard Soldier armed with a grenade launcher, the model is from the Mordian Iron Guard but i may paint him differently. I vaguely remember trying a black uniform on one of the models when i was younger and may try to recreate this.

2015-04-04 23.22.43

I plan on using a couple of the other Mordian Iron Guard models, the leader/sergeant armed with las pistol/chainsword (bolter now that the chainsword is broken after many years in a box) and the guy who is charging at you like the Catachans also have. With a little greenstuff work the leader/sergeant could be made to look like a commissar and the other one just looks cool. I’d love to hear any comments/criticisms or uniform/regiment suggestions for the guard/ex-soldiers/any model really, thanks for looking.


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