WIP – Display Bases – Ratskins

I have a lot of scenery available to me, most of it laser cut MDF towers or city ruins i got from ebay fairly cheap, some of it is scatter terrain and the rest is made up of various other “things” which could be used with only a little modification, so i have decided to make “Display Bases” for my models. At first i will start with my Necromunda/INQ28/Inquisimunda models and then i may move onto my 40K army, however i’v had grand pipe dreams about many many dioramas using my space wolf/chaos armies so who knows.

I haven’t got very far as i need some basing materials but the pictures below will help you get the idea, i may have to raid the park when i take the dog for a walk ! It’s not a perfect rectangle so i need to trim around the edge and add some filler and then sand it i think next !

2015-04-03 20.51.49 2015-04-03 20.52.26 2015-04-03 20.53.59

Thanks for looking !


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