Into the fray – Necromunda/INQ28/Inquisimunda/Yaktribe Competition 6

I recently got back into the Warhammer 40k Universe/Necromunda in quite a large way and have blogged previously so figured i’d try blogging about this too as my Linux Blog has gone a little stagnant ! I had been lurking around some forums for a few months before finally taking the plunge and joining Yaktribe Gaming, which is a great site dedicated to the discontinued Specialist Games range from GW. They have some really useful tools and an active and helpful community to boot !

I have a thread on the Yaktribe forums, the link is here, so i wont post everything i have done as it is already quite large but below are a few of the “highlights”.

Yaktribe Competition 6 was vehicle themed and this is the little contraption i came up with, there are a lot of good quality entries and i enjoyed myself so may join future ones !

buggytrailerfrontleft buggytrailerfront buggytrailerfrontright

This is my Ratskin gang with a converted Shaman, still need some beasties for my Wyrd Beastmaster.

2015-04-03 14.00.57

Next up is some models i have cobbled together for either INQ28 or Inquisimunda if i ever get to playing it, probably not, i just like making things really ! These are still pretty much WIP but the first picture shows a Ratskin Scout/Inquisitor/Pit Slave and the second one shows an Underhive Scum/Rogue Trader/Underhive Scum. Ive been working on a background for them but more on that in another post !

2015-04-03 14.04.29 2015-04-03 14.04.49

Thanks for reading !


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