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I recently got my own hosting over at and i will be posting all future content on that site. I will cover a few extra topics to the ones you usually see but i hope you will all continue to follow my journey back in to the hive !


Mektown Mayhem

I have been avoiding the hobby lately as i have recently had an ulcer in my eye, it KO’d my Yaktribe competition entry as i just couldn’t see but i am hoping to finish it off soon as i was so close to finishing that it would be a shame not to !

Yesterday me and @Flamekebab managed to get a game of gorkamorka in (no pics, sorry) and god was it funny, i somehow managed to basically swerve/thrust my way to nearly the centre of the table, drop off a couple of boys for some scrap and down the driver of his trukk all in 1 turn ! Over the next few turns his trukk swerved and crashed as his driver was still down which flung him and the gunner on to the desert floor.

While this was happening i had loaded 2 lots of scrap on my trukk and had 2 boys lugging some more about, i then rammed his trak taking out his engines and damaging my thrusters so they were stuck on which rather fortunately let me thrust straight off the table with all bar 2 of my mob on board ! My last 2 boys started legging it and due to his casualties he (un)forunately bottled out, it was almost as if it was planned 😀

It was a great afternoon and i hope we can get some more games in real soon !

I do have a little work to show of a fort i started on back in August, it still needs a lot of work but the basics are there :

Mini Mektown Madness

Only a small update today, not much to show today in the way of work as i have been a little busy rearranging the man cave rather than making/painting as i wasn’t happy with the amount of sawdust that my PC was eating while it was up here. I moved my main PC back downstairs and set up my old PC in the man cave so i still have net access and also managed to get some more work space in the process, bonus !

Man Cave 01
Man Cave 02
Man Cave 03
I started batch painting the final members of Rudniks Rebels which you can see below and i also managed to get the cutta/lugga to a point where they need painting, i’m doing surprisingly well and might actually get all of what i planned finished and maybe even something extra :D

Lugga and Cutta
Thanks, comments welcome !

More Mektown Madness

I picked up my goodies i ordered from the store the other day and have assembled my grots, most of them anyway :D

Rudniks Rebels WIP
Im not to happy with the flag pole, its a little too big (wide) for the tiny grots hand so i will need to change this but other than some GS bandanas and a hat for the captain they are pretty much ready for painting. Here are a couple of lists i have made for them

Rudniks Rebels =
Rudniks Rebels (WYSIWYG) =

I have also started work on a (gigantic) big lugga for them to get around on which im hoping to make look like a rusty pirate ship, its only a frame at the moment and in the end i may have to rethink the lists and make a smaller ship for them with some cuttas but im not sure yet. Its a little bigger than the trukk further down but its is roughly the same height apart from the mast.

Big Lugga WIP
Big Lugga
Grot 01

Last monday i had the pleasure of meeting @Flamekebab who generously donated me some resin parts to help create some mobs/vehicles. So far i have made this trukk for another mob.

Da Skrappas WIP
They are still very WIP and have been put on the back burner for now as i attempt to paint more minis now than i have this year :D here is the list for them

Da Skrappas =

Comments welcome !

Mektown Madness

I walked into my local GW store yesterday and ended up buying some Orks 😀 So now i can get back into Gorkamorka, I eventually got some modelling time today and finally got my trukk stuck together and some boyz, here is a pic :


They are called “Da Trukkas” here is a link for the mob :

Also, after much thought i decided to enter the YakComp 15. It has been a while since i entered a competition and i had quite a few ideas for the theme so why not ? I don’t expect to win after seeing a few other entries so far but i like that it gets me motivated to do something !

At first i was going to do a big gun on a trukk, then i decided to instead maybe do a Nob riding a warbike with a massive choppa (i have a dreadnought axe which was probably too big if im honest) and after that i thought it might be fun to a rebel grot mob as pretty much everything looks big on a grot right ?

In the end i settled on an amalgamation of all the above ideas, it is pretty large in nature so doubt i will get it all done but it’s worth a shot ! My plan is to paint 20-30 grots and scratchbuild 1 big lugga with a massive splattapult and 2 cuttas. I quite like the idea of a pirate theme for my grots and i am currently trying to make a “land pirate ship” to go with my cuttas until my grots arrive and i can start painting 😀

Here are some WIP shots of my cutta, rivets, etc still to be done :

Comments welcome !

Necromunda/Scenery – Old Tech

Since the bambino arrived i haven’t done too much work but here are a few pics to show anyway, firstly some goodies that i have used in my hive

Before :


After :


They are kind of just plonked on but i think with some clever cabling it will start to look good. I got my plasticard stuck down and used some netting stretched over some platforms which turned out rather well, i just need to fix the edging !


I’v also finished the edging of my modular street level pieces and started creating a dice tower for the hive :


And in other news i found my Barbaretta model from Inquisitor and made myself a workbench for my man cave :

4026-1462917872-9f2e39edff68e37d449bf4970e1e1fa54027-1462917883-5ea5e2b62d0df04b33f9b34dcae075864028-1462917895-119ddbe2a5181a295cbe05a2f8db05362016-05-29 20.26.10

Necromunda/Scenery -Movement in the shadows

I have been away for a while due to some real life distractions but now i am back and hoping to be more frequent in my blog posts again. I now have a dedicated man cave in the loft which is cool but what isn’t cool is i had to break off some of my vertical hive and take down the stairs up to the loft to be able to get it up in the loft !


And now on to some of the work i have done, i have less space in the loft so have had to cannabilise/merge my modular board idea with the vertical hive to utilise the materials. It could still be used on it’s own i suppose but i think it is better with the hive 😀


I used some 120 grit “wet and dry paper” for the flooring of some areas and have some embossed plasticard coming for the non laser cut platforms.


That’s it for now, will hopefully have some more work done soon !

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